SADstillFront man JR has more than words to express creativity and motion in our music.  For the musical minds I’d like to dive a little further into the abyss of the writing front for sound of JayaR and take an example of one of our songs to show how much fun we have playing our music.  As the musical director of the band I get to breakdown what happens under the hood for the chord structure of our song S.A.D aka (Sleep All Day), to show how our unique style of playing combined with some really fun musical moments to create that experience that leaves our audience dancing, thinking, singing, and hopefully inspired.

For S.A.D, the intro starts with a series of descending major 9 chords, rooted on the 5th string of an acoustic guitar and accompanied by the band.  Then shortly after a one measure 8th note build up of an E major chord we hit the verse. This is where we have some fun with 3rds!!! With a hip-hop swing feel and a really bouncy (16th note swing feel) vocal melody at a nice medium tempo we get to cash in on some chromatic movement.  With the progression of / Bm7 / A13 / Am7 / G13 / we get one of my favorite effects of modal interchange, a chromatic descending pattern in the 3rds of the chords.  For the Bm7 we have a minor 3rd of D which then goes into an A13 chord with a major 3rd of C#. Then traveling down the G string of any standard tuning guitar still with the rooting the chords from the 6th string we change to Am7 which moves the C# down to C natural.  Then we play a G13 chord with moves the C natural down to a B.  Giving us the walking line of D C# C B.  This gives the music and musicians, JayaR (wink wink), a chance to create a distinct melody from inside the chord while bass stays in a very steady place. 

Check out what we do with these sounds with the song S.A.D (Sleep All Day) by JayaR Live here:

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-Joe Little

 Lead Guitar / MD / Producer