We have been working hard and are excited to have made a lot of head way with some really great sounding tracks. We’ve finished the audio for a new viral video only release and will be moving into video production soon for the track “Scream Revolution”, a rawkin song with powerful lyrics that can relate to the current occupy situation as well as the revolutionary war in Egypt. We can’t wait to have it finished.

Also in the works is Atlantis, a fun and upbeat slappy poppy dynamic rush of music and lyrics that shakes the dance floor and always remains one of the crowd favorites. With drums, acoustic, viola, bass, and some vocals already wrapped all we need to is finish out the vocals and some more guitar and then send it through post. Gonna but a fun one!!

The Live EP is wrapped and ready for artwork, soon you’ll be able to rock out exclusively in your car or device to the audio from the Amp Sessions that are currently on our youtube channel. The Live EP includes the songs; Sweet Pandemonium / Consequence / S.A.D. (Sleep All Day) / Needless Silhouette / Safe, Somehow. All recorded live and mixed / mastered by Joe Little and JayaR.